Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, Well, I can't believe that I am actually doing this! I don't know how long or how much I might get accomplished. I do enjoy reading y'alls updates tho', so will give it a whirl.
We had a nice relaxing vacation, and tho' part of me longs to return to schedule, another parts could wish to just continue relaxing! Although, don't know if relaxing is the right term, as we did accomplish a lot in the last week.
Mom and Jean came on Christmas day, and were headquartered here. My neice Lisa was their escort on the drive to SC. Aletha and her children along with a married daughter, Aaron and Yvonne arrived Sat evening for supper. The children overnighted here with Aletha and Aaron's finding lodging elsewhere. Were we ever grateful for the cabin! Kylan bunked out there along with the rest of the guys. The little boys found beds in the living room. Mom and Jean had the girls room upstairs, and the girls got the little boys room. Geneva had 2 girls in her room too. Sun we spent the day after church at Dannys house. They have a nice large house for the occasion!
Mon they all left, except for Mom and Jean, who stayed till Fri when Eric escorted them back to PA. Mon I also worked till I got Gwynndons quilt (from Grandma S.) in the frame. Its spites me that I neglected to get a picture of his Grandma Hege quilting on it...she did help a lot.
Fri found us washing up sheets and putting the single bed back in the boys room etc. Sometime Maurita reminded me that IT WAS a holiday, but I reminded her that we had been having a holiday all week, and when the company left, we needed to do what needed done. We did sleep in and some didn't eat breakfast till 10, so when the boys come in about 12:30 wondering when lunch was...well... I ended up doing laundry about all day, till we did several load of sheets, and some covers. Geneva and Andrea left about 4 with some girls to go to Hepzibah for an IGO presentation. Maurita needed some new coverings, so I made 2 of those for her, and did some quilting too before the day was finished!
And today is a lovely sunny day, but COLD! This morning they said we had 20*, but at church some reported 15*! This morning the preschool SS verse was I was blind, but now I see. I am so glad that Jesus gives us 'sight', even though I don't always enjoy the process to getting there...He put mud on the blind mans eyes, not really something I enjoy getting in my eyes! This year may we all see with God's eyesight the needs of those around us!