Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shopping and finger mutilation...

As of last night...I was officially tired of shopping! Andrea had expressed interest in going to the Aiken library before we went to WI, so she would have some good books to read. So I decided to take them all to Aiken Sat to go school shopping, till Kylan arose in defense and declared he didn't want to 'waste' all day Sat! So as the van was in Barnwell getting a front end alignment on Fri, I decided it might be easier on me to take the younger boys along to Barnwell, and get that part over with! LOL! So we spent awhile going up and down the aisle till we found most of the things they needed that was on the 'school list'! When we got home I needed to make the Friday afternoon run into
Then Sat morning I told Gwynndon to be in here at 6:30...apparently the girls didn't hear the time...or chose to ignore! Gwynndon expressed interest in the flea market, so I thought we could 'kill 2 birds with one stone'! Well, as it was 7:30 till we got off, they all declared that we better skip the fleas this time...and headed directly for Aiken, with Geneva muttering about what was going to be open at that unearthly hour...I told her, Walmart of course! There was a new route that Ivan and I had discovered that was thru horse farm country and some of them expressed interest in going that way. We actually found some nice yard sales along the way, which was an interesting diversion. I think all the school shopping is taken care of, I even found a lamp shade that we've been needing at the Goodwill store for $1.oo! We stopped by the Aiken library, and I think everyone has sufficient book reading for the journey...unless they get them all read before we leave. You know...I might should have confiscated them! Grin! Ivan called about 12:30 and wondered when we were coming home. I told him that we had 3 more stops, and he is like what in the world...I've been to Columbia and back! Oh well, shopping kinda can do that! And we even got Geneva home an hour before she had to go milk cows!
And...Friday I came home from Denmark to chaos! Maurita had called sometime and wondered what was for supper. I told her sandwiches and egg plant. She could peel and slice the egg plant awhile. Well, she didn't realize the 'new' v slicer had a safety lever, so little girls couldn't cut themselves...and she was pretty desperate about getting this thing out, and sliced a good sized sliver on her thumb. She went to the steps and hollared for Andrea, who grabbed paper towel and helped her into our bathroom, then immediately ran to the shop for Ivan. As I was driving in, I saw her out there, till I got to the house Ivan was gripping Mauritas wrist and said she bout to cut her thumb off. He said when he got in there was blood from one end of the kitchen to the other, and she was in the bathroom spurting blood! I took one look and knew it was beyond any superglue! Anyway, I got a hand towel around her hand so it would quit dripping, took over the tourniquet job, and we headed for Bamberg. Thankfully Dr Glenn answered his cell phone and we got instant attention at the office instead of having to go thru the ER! We were glad to turn her over to his attention! The cut starts on the right side of her thumb, arches down and across the knuckle area and back up the left side to the top of her nail. Ivan said something about it bleeding so much, and Dr Glenn calmly and cooly said, oh she probably got the artery! Anyway, imagine my horror Sat when we were on the way home from Aiken and Ivan calls and said he just sliced his thumb and left a blood trail from the vehicle to the sink! His is on the top side of the knuckle and he superglued his. It did pop open just before supper, and he glued it again, but it didn't take too well. He then put on a butterfly bandage and I am glad today is Sun...hopefully it can start to heal before he is back at it tomorrow! So this morning when Cheryl wondered if things were lining up for our answer was...if we don't have too many more mutilations!!!
Actually I enjoyed both shopping expeditions with the children...and am really glad that I divided it into 2 different journeys...I could enjoy them both better! But I am glad we don't have to do that real often!