Sunday, September 29, 2013

One day at a time...

Been thinking lately about the different seasons that we face in life...there is the young married season, where in my memories I was a very selfish person!!  Oh, no, I wouldn't have thought so at the time...but looking back...I could sit and read if I liked...spend time just sitting and watching Ivan work, or what ever!!
Then comes the next stage of life where we started adding little ones to the nest!  And even then, somehow I had extra time on my hands, even tho' when Geneva was a baby I had to start getting ready for church on Wed night by 4:30, or I would get balled up in the maybe thats what my problem is now...I don't start early enough!  :-)
And then comes school time where we encountered a more 'rigid' schedule.  No more time to let the children play till they got hungry for needed to get breakfast over to get them off to school!  This was also the time in life when I would do the housework/garden work at home in the mornings, then take lunch and projects to the shop and spend the afternoon at the shop in town with Ivan!  Usually home by 5 to get supper, sometimes taking supper back up to the shop...or sometimes we just stayed and got supper there!
Then came the season where we moved the shop home to the house.  I wasn't sure of this 'season' of life...knowing how shops at home can be.  Ivan has been insistent with his customers about an open and closing this hasn't been a problem, but that doesn't mean that he isn't out there longer... :-)  We are glad that its just a couple steps to the shop rather than the 6 mile jaunt!
Believe it or not, then came the season of life that included youth activities, and getting out of school, farm jobs, teaching, etc.  Along with all of the above...I know people tell me that I have so.o.o...much more help now, but somehow there is so much less time!!  Can't understand that one!!   The last couple of years since Andrea graduated from school, I have been a bit more 'spoiled' as she took over the bulk of the 'office' work.  I still had to go out when she went to milk and catch up the loose ends that she never got around to learning!!  :-)
And then this summer arrived...with a new season entire!  I knew Andrea was going to be gone all summer to Nicaragua, and so my life changed.  I once again found myself being the 'shop secretary'.  Thankfully Maurita was available when there were pressing duties at the house that she couldn't, or should I say didn't want to handle, she would trade places with me.  Well, then Andrea came home from the 'south', and went right into her newly acquired job of being a school teacher.  At the same time, Ryan got married to Kendra, and Geneva moved out the house that Ryan had we are launched into a  'new' season of life entirely!! :-)
Thankfully as I reminisce thru the years, I 'think' I have learned to take one day at a time.  Geneva has agreed to 'office sit' for me several days a week, which she will never know what a big help that is in my new season of life!!  She brings her painting or what ever along to work on in between phone calls and making up bills.  This has been a big help to me at trying to slug away at the 'most' pressing need of the hour!  After 1 1/2 weeks, I finally got my kitchen cupboards, and even the pantry all housecleaned!!  Next on the list is the windows, and then the utility room, and the garden needs cleaned out and got ready for new strawberry plants, if I could get the 'empty bedroom' in the basement organized, the girls could have a bit more room in their room upstairs...but before all that, tomorrow I get to grill the first 40 lb of boneless leg quarters to put in the freezer in anticipation of a drop in reception for Ryan and Kendra in 2 weeks.  And before that happens we are looking forward very much to Ivan's Mom and Dad arriving next Mon evening for a week with us...after all its been 5 years!!
Ivan and I even did manage to squeeze in an impromptu and left here about 8 Fri night.  We went to Savannah, and its kinda sad,  but all we got accomplished was shopping!!  The closest we got to seeing the 'ocean' was along rt 17, we could observe from the water level in the 'marshes', that the tide wasn't quite full, but neither was it low!!  Sams Club was one of the items on the list, so that one has been able to be checked off!!!
So...I have learned not to look and worry at the 'larger' picture...but try to be content ticking off  'one day at a time'!! :-)