Sunday, September 19, 2010

The piles in my life...

While I was doing grapes yesterday...I was comtemplating what I could write here...if I got a chance...then I forgot one of the things I was going to add.
Actually I said yesterday morning was the, laundry, etc. Kylan usually cleans up their room and I discovered last week that he hadn't really done it for awhile! So decided maybe it needed some mom help this week! :-)
I was just planning to pick up the 'outskirts', you know around the edges...and it got deeper and deeper till I decided phooey on it...and completely emptied under the beds...'housecleaning?? with out the water'?? Anyway I've been noticing these 'nice' little piles by Kylans bed, and decided to inquire if they really needed to be there. Well, he had his reasonings...and in thinking it over later, I decided that maybe he is too much like me!! You know there was this pile of paper, that he might want to draw sometime and they had good clean backs. I inquired, what is in your desk drawer, is there room in there for it? Well, yeah, but I can't see it in there! And yeah, my bedroom has some of the same piles...If I can't see it...I forget it is there! So there it sits letting me see it...but never really doing anything about it...I've been waiting on a chance to go thru those piles, and reduce them...maybe that will be the project I will aim for this week!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy as Bees...

Ok, so I am hostess tomorrow...its a logical time to clean house...right? Mon while doing laundry, I thought I'd start with the dining room/kitchen. Well, I got the doors washed, and decided they needed a coat of paint. on hold, paint brush in hand, amid interruptions, got a coat of paint on all the outside doors, even did the cabin door, which had never got the first coat, by the way!
Tues, back to my house cleaning. I thought this would be good, cause Geneva had off work...well, she had promised to go to the soup kitchen in she was out the door about 10:30, home a bit after 2, and left again soon after 3 to milk! She did do the windows for me, but otherwise...I plugged away. Big rooms are nice for lots of people...but not when it comes to cleaning. After too many buckets of water to count, the walls are clean, the cabinets on top, outside, inside, and underneath...oops, guess not the last one! By the time I got that done, supper was baking in the oven, so I remembered today, that I still didn't move the stove. The youth had chorus practice that evening, and everyone disappeared, or so it seemed, so I went ahead and cleaned out the fridge after supper!
Wed, I gave the inside of the front door another coat of paint...cause I when it dried, there were big time skips...and the cabin door needed a second coat also, cause it hadn't had any before. Then I was at the shop in the afternoon, Andrea wanted to come in the house to wash her hair!
Thurs was laundry again, and was a bit more relaxed than the previous days, but was still trying to catch up corners from when I spent most of my days at the shop! I had got a turkey out the freezer the night before to thaw, so had a good supper all prepared, and Ivan said he wasn't eating supper!
Fri, was doing more laundry, and starting the cleaning, when Ivan called and said if I could be ready in 10 min I could go to O-burg with him...I never turn an offer like that one down...So, left about 10, back at 2, got the ice cream in the freezer, and tried to get most of the groceries away, left at 2:30 to go clean church. We found it works best to have the school childrens help right after school. Geneva wasn't too thrilled about going, cause she needed to go milk, but she got out of it last I sent her on a guilt trip! Mean moms! Home again, and got the deposit ready, and off to Denmark for the normal Fri afternoon trip. In the meanwhile, Maurita brought 3 friends home from school, cause the Intermediate SS class was invited to the Mule Barn for supper. They were to find a ride there, and the teacher would deliver them home again. So she put her friends to work, and they got the jobs done in short order! Forgot to get meat out for supper, so concocted a cassarole with some of the left over turkey...we didn't have much lunch, and I think Ivan wondered a bit at my supper...he doesn't get real excited over cassaroles! Afte supper made French bread and a jello salad for Sun.
And today...normal Sat morning, laundry, cleaning...and about 2 I got 1 1/2 bushel of fresh grown Concord Grapes from NY delivered almost to my door. I didn't really NEED them...but couldn't turn down that one! So we spent the rest of the afternoon steaming grapes and canning juice. Have 19 qt jars, and 11 pts to show for my afternoons labor!
...And to bed, to another blessed Sunday. Looking forward to open council meeting at church, then if there are any visitors...if not, see who I can snag to help us eat our lunch! So... Good night, sleep tight....