Saturday, December 11, 2010

Warm crawl space...

An interesting thing happened this week. Ivan decided to go down in the crawl space to see what it would take to hook up the 2nd washer that we have...(that is another story all on its own) Anyway, it was warm in the crawl space, and its not really supposed to be, so he decided to investigate. He found one of the heat ducts had got disconnected from the main trunk...for how long...who knows! No wonder this summer the vents in the kitchen didn't seem to be blowing like they used too!! In our bedroom we can actually 'hear' the heat blowing up thru the registers now! Maybe our 23 year old heat pump isn't getting tired after all!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some high lights from this week...

This week has been a rainy one...Sunday and Monday we had about 4 inch of rain. Then the rest of the week it kept being drizzly, not really raining, but not dry either! The cabin banister worked well for a substitute clothes line, and by Thurs, I was searching for more room too...Thankfully we are enjoying some more sunshine, and the weather is lovely, fact is it was so chilly this morning in our bedroom I shut the window for a bit!

Ok, so Tues we tackled my bedroom...and I got rid of a few piles. I even ventured out a bit and did a partial rearranging! I kinda like the outcome, and Ivan told me Thurs evening that he kinda likes the new look too! Its a bit aggravating tho', when you come out of the bathroom headed for the dresser...and when you get there...oh, thats right...the dresser is back over there! Oh well, this too shall pass!

Wed evening I decided I was in the mood to sew, after 3 people stopped in to get zippers for their sewing projects. So I cut out a dress. Thurs in between laundry, I got it completely sewed...except for the hem. Its still waiting. And guess what, Ivan asked me who I was sewing for and I said myself. He actually told me that he liked the dress without even seeing it on me!

Andrea has been making some cute little pin cushions. I actually saw the idea in a magazine that came floating in from somewhere, and told her that it actually might be an idea for a hostess gift for the upcoming chorus tour they are planning to go on. She also has been crocheting some baby afaghans for a friend at church. That isn't a real big time money-making proposition...but I think she is enjoying it.

And Geneva is getting into signs again...she has about 6 ordered, and is also doing some new fall ones.

This morning Maurita, Quinten and I went yardsaling! (Geneva is the one I can usually count on to go with me...but she had to work today) This is the weekend when they have the '10 mile' yard sale, the road from Barnwell to Olar. So its more fun than trying to hunt all over town, when you don't know where the roads are! We didn't find a whole lot, but a few useful items, and some a bit frivolous! Maurita saw a barn/silo salt and pepper set that said John Deere that she fell in love with. Quinten found one of those M-n-M (or like Ryan called it, the vegetable) dispensers with a pt jar on top, like Uncle Dannys always had. I told the boys they should try to recreate that one to sell.

Well, I was planning to intersperse some pictures in thru here...but for some won't come may have to add them later! worked!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The piles in my life...

While I was doing grapes yesterday...I was comtemplating what I could write here...if I got a chance...then I forgot one of the things I was going to add.
Actually I said yesterday morning was the, laundry, etc. Kylan usually cleans up their room and I discovered last week that he hadn't really done it for awhile! So decided maybe it needed some mom help this week! :-)
I was just planning to pick up the 'outskirts', you know around the edges...and it got deeper and deeper till I decided phooey on it...and completely emptied under the beds...'housecleaning?? with out the water'?? Anyway I've been noticing these 'nice' little piles by Kylans bed, and decided to inquire if they really needed to be there. Well, he had his reasonings...and in thinking it over later, I decided that maybe he is too much like me!! You know there was this pile of paper, that he might want to draw sometime and they had good clean backs. I inquired, what is in your desk drawer, is there room in there for it? Well, yeah, but I can't see it in there! And yeah, my bedroom has some of the same piles...If I can't see it...I forget it is there! So there it sits letting me see it...but never really doing anything about it...I've been waiting on a chance to go thru those piles, and reduce them...maybe that will be the project I will aim for this week!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy as Bees...

Ok, so I am hostess tomorrow...its a logical time to clean house...right? Mon while doing laundry, I thought I'd start with the dining room/kitchen. Well, I got the doors washed, and decided they needed a coat of paint. on hold, paint brush in hand, amid interruptions, got a coat of paint on all the outside doors, even did the cabin door, which had never got the first coat, by the way!
Tues, back to my house cleaning. I thought this would be good, cause Geneva had off work...well, she had promised to go to the soup kitchen in she was out the door about 10:30, home a bit after 2, and left again soon after 3 to milk! She did do the windows for me, but otherwise...I plugged away. Big rooms are nice for lots of people...but not when it comes to cleaning. After too many buckets of water to count, the walls are clean, the cabinets on top, outside, inside, and underneath...oops, guess not the last one! By the time I got that done, supper was baking in the oven, so I remembered today, that I still didn't move the stove. The youth had chorus practice that evening, and everyone disappeared, or so it seemed, so I went ahead and cleaned out the fridge after supper!
Wed, I gave the inside of the front door another coat of paint...cause I when it dried, there were big time skips...and the cabin door needed a second coat also, cause it hadn't had any before. Then I was at the shop in the afternoon, Andrea wanted to come in the house to wash her hair!
Thurs was laundry again, and was a bit more relaxed than the previous days, but was still trying to catch up corners from when I spent most of my days at the shop! I had got a turkey out the freezer the night before to thaw, so had a good supper all prepared, and Ivan said he wasn't eating supper!
Fri, was doing more laundry, and starting the cleaning, when Ivan called and said if I could be ready in 10 min I could go to O-burg with him...I never turn an offer like that one down...So, left about 10, back at 2, got the ice cream in the freezer, and tried to get most of the groceries away, left at 2:30 to go clean church. We found it works best to have the school childrens help right after school. Geneva wasn't too thrilled about going, cause she needed to go milk, but she got out of it last I sent her on a guilt trip! Mean moms! Home again, and got the deposit ready, and off to Denmark for the normal Fri afternoon trip. In the meanwhile, Maurita brought 3 friends home from school, cause the Intermediate SS class was invited to the Mule Barn for supper. They were to find a ride there, and the teacher would deliver them home again. So she put her friends to work, and they got the jobs done in short order! Forgot to get meat out for supper, so concocted a cassarole with some of the left over turkey...we didn't have much lunch, and I think Ivan wondered a bit at my supper...he doesn't get real excited over cassaroles! Afte supper made French bread and a jello salad for Sun.
And today...normal Sat morning, laundry, cleaning...and about 2 I got 1 1/2 bushel of fresh grown Concord Grapes from NY delivered almost to my door. I didn't really NEED them...but couldn't turn down that one! So we spent the rest of the afternoon steaming grapes and canning juice. Have 19 qt jars, and 11 pts to show for my afternoons labor!
...And to bed, to another blessed Sunday. Looking forward to open council meeting at church, then if there are any visitors...if not, see who I can snag to help us eat our lunch! So... Good night, sleep tight....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Shopping and finger mutilation...

As of last night...I was officially tired of shopping! Andrea had expressed interest in going to the Aiken library before we went to WI, so she would have some good books to read. So I decided to take them all to Aiken Sat to go school shopping, till Kylan arose in defense and declared he didn't want to 'waste' all day Sat! So as the van was in Barnwell getting a front end alignment on Fri, I decided it might be easier on me to take the younger boys along to Barnwell, and get that part over with! LOL! So we spent awhile going up and down the aisle till we found most of the things they needed that was on the 'school list'! When we got home I needed to make the Friday afternoon run into
Then Sat morning I told Gwynndon to be in here at 6:30...apparently the girls didn't hear the time...or chose to ignore! Gwynndon expressed interest in the flea market, so I thought we could 'kill 2 birds with one stone'! Well, as it was 7:30 till we got off, they all declared that we better skip the fleas this time...and headed directly for Aiken, with Geneva muttering about what was going to be open at that unearthly hour...I told her, Walmart of course! There was a new route that Ivan and I had discovered that was thru horse farm country and some of them expressed interest in going that way. We actually found some nice yard sales along the way, which was an interesting diversion. I think all the school shopping is taken care of, I even found a lamp shade that we've been needing at the Goodwill store for $1.oo! We stopped by the Aiken library, and I think everyone has sufficient book reading for the journey...unless they get them all read before we leave. You know...I might should have confiscated them! Grin! Ivan called about 12:30 and wondered when we were coming home. I told him that we had 3 more stops, and he is like what in the world...I've been to Columbia and back! Oh well, shopping kinda can do that! And we even got Geneva home an hour before she had to go milk cows!
And...Friday I came home from Denmark to chaos! Maurita had called sometime and wondered what was for supper. I told her sandwiches and egg plant. She could peel and slice the egg plant awhile. Well, she didn't realize the 'new' v slicer had a safety lever, so little girls couldn't cut themselves...and she was pretty desperate about getting this thing out, and sliced a good sized sliver on her thumb. She went to the steps and hollared for Andrea, who grabbed paper towel and helped her into our bathroom, then immediately ran to the shop for Ivan. As I was driving in, I saw her out there, till I got to the house Ivan was gripping Mauritas wrist and said she bout to cut her thumb off. He said when he got in there was blood from one end of the kitchen to the other, and she was in the bathroom spurting blood! I took one look and knew it was beyond any superglue! Anyway, I got a hand towel around her hand so it would quit dripping, took over the tourniquet job, and we headed for Bamberg. Thankfully Dr Glenn answered his cell phone and we got instant attention at the office instead of having to go thru the ER! We were glad to turn her over to his attention! The cut starts on the right side of her thumb, arches down and across the knuckle area and back up the left side to the top of her nail. Ivan said something about it bleeding so much, and Dr Glenn calmly and cooly said, oh she probably got the artery! Anyway, imagine my horror Sat when we were on the way home from Aiken and Ivan calls and said he just sliced his thumb and left a blood trail from the vehicle to the sink! His is on the top side of the knuckle and he superglued his. It did pop open just before supper, and he glued it again, but it didn't take too well. He then put on a butterfly bandage and I am glad today is Sun...hopefully it can start to heal before he is back at it tomorrow! So this morning when Cheryl wondered if things were lining up for our answer was...if we don't have too many more mutilations!!!
Actually I enjoyed both shopping expeditions with the children...and am really glad that I divided it into 2 different journeys...I could enjoy them both better! But I am glad we don't have to do that real often!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a bummer...

I had a post made under the previous title...and didn't record...and I don't have time right now to repeat it!!! I tried! So maybe I will quick add a few pictures...but they won't even act right!!

Summer is tickin' on by...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did I mention...that it is HOT!!

...Oh yeah...this afternoon on the way to deliver Ryan's "Jimmy" to Delmars...the bank themometer registered at 106*!! We've been having rather lovely weather up until now...and guess that I have been a prophet of doom...but mentioned the fact that a yearly temp usually averages out...and I was afraid that we would pay for the nice weather. Sure hit!!

But other wise we have been eating like kings! Fresh garden veggies are so delicious. Green beans, cukes, squash, still getting some broccoli, cabbage, fresh potatoes, and yes, we have had 2 meals of corn on the cob! Thorton has never got into that idea yet, and Sat when we started chomping, I noticed he had this funny look on his face, like you mean that I really need to do this! He never did eat it Sat, Ivan ended up cutting his off. Well this morning he was saying something about not liking it with butter and salt on, so at lunch time today I decided to try something, and gave him just a plain old ear. And he ate it!! Can't imagine eating it with out the drippy butter and salt...but maybe I should try it...just might be good! :-)

The beans are frittering out, but I have been diligently picking all 4 rows...for what...we did can another 7 qt today, and every little bit seems to help. They are reblooming, so I am really glad about that, cause wasn't quite sure that I should be done! Oh for the days...when 50 pt was enough!! Seems like we've been canning beans for next to forever! Then we also had cukes sticking out our ears today I did 2 batches of kosher dill and started a batch of 7-day. I didn't use to make so many of them, but my husband found out that they are good for what ailes you... so I will diligently make them for him! Our potatoes are starting to die while we were out this morning before it got too hot ( what a joke, as it was hot when I went out at 8!)...but anyway we dug the first 3 rows of the garden seems to be winding down just a bit! Oh, and how did I forget...we are starting to get a few tomatoes also! So the question is not what veggie are we having for dinner, but which one will wait till next time! HA!

The other day one of our customers dropped off some watermelon and cantalope , so we have been taking turns on them for dessert. Actually I didn't say that right...I knew he was coming to the shop, and called and wondered if I could get some, and he offered to have them dropped off here, then wouldn't even let us pay for them!

Yes, as I alluded to the fact in the first line...Ryan is coming home tonight...his plane lands in Charleston at 11 PM. Darlene Diem also went for the street meetings, and as we had delivered them to the airport, Delmars are planning to go pick them up this evening. Ryan thought it would save them a few miles if his jimmy was up there. Andrea has been hankering on shopping at 'Roses', and when Geneva heard we were going wanted to go too. I also went to Piggly Wiggly to get a few staples to go with our veggies! So its been quite a day...I have a dress on the go... Maurita would like for it to be finished...and I thought about working on it after supper, but haven't got there yet. The only strenuous thing I did was to go pick up the potatoes from the yard where they were drying. The 3 youth at home, went to chorus practice.

Yesterday we got an invite to Wendell Heatwoles for lunch, and we had a very lovely time! Don't know why we don't do it more often...oh yeah...guess we gotta get the invite first! Ha!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Here I am again! Don't know where to start...for the time would fail me to tell you about all that took fields day...field trips...the last day of school...picnic...graduation.
And then the next week they youth went camping...they took 4 from our household this year. Its amazing how much less work there is when 4 of them are gone...and I know the story...but look how much they help when they are there...and yes they do...but they need to for the extra food they eat and clothes they wear! LOL! And then they got back and the stack of laundry...Ryan left the next morning to fly to ND to visit a BS buddy, who's mom had passed away...and the anxious day he spent in airports that he wasn't planning too...plane mechanical failures...thunder storms...and top that with a serious headache that he asked for prayer for...was so hoping he could have a nice flight home...but had a few more delays...he is sick of airports!! And then the other day, my eldest son turned 21...and it just seems like yesterday...that Sat when I was doing my cleaning and fretting about whether or not this was the real thing!! Ryan told us the other day that all his birthday pictures for the last 10 years are always the same...taken at lunchtime... in his work the picnic table! Ha!
Last week I went to my garden and picked the last of the 'English' peas, some broccoli, some cukes, squash...and the first of my gr beans! That is unusual for the south to have peas and beans together...the hot weather usually dries out the peas way before the beans come on the scene! Don't know what I was thinking...but had picked the beans Thurs, then was hoping they would wait till Mon...sometime yesterday I remembered that I should go over the cukes...and groaned when I saw the beans...and then remembered the children are hoping to go to the zoo tomorrow...and knew the beans wouldn't wait till Tues! I needed some things at Walmart and was going to go right after lunch...but Ivan said he would take me later on...well...he called about 4:30 and said to go ahead and go. Andrea and I went...I told Maurita before we left if she felt ambitious that she could go out and at least pick the 2 short rows...the more I thought about it...I didn't like the thought, but knew the beans needed picked before bedtime! Surprise of surprises when we got home at 7...there were 3 baskets of beans on the front porch...I didn't know whether to be happy they were picked, or groan because there were so many at such a time Sat night!!! Maurita said she picked over them all...I didn't even go check to make sure she got them all...didn't really care if she did miss some of them! LOL! I really don't like to start projects like that after Sat noon! But many hands make light work. Gwynndon found the leftovers in the fridge and engineered the little boys supper, while the girls and I started snapping beans. Somehow Gendeva and Ryan missed out...they had gone shopping to Aiken after Geneva got off work...and Ivan was out working on his shop addition. We ended up with 21 qt of squashed down runnin' over qt jars...I debated about freezing some of them...but thanks to a pressure canner I turned the last burner off about 11:30! And yeah...sometime I was nostalgically remembering that once upon a time...42 pt of beans would have been a great portion or what we need for all year!!! But I am grateful for this stage in life right now...cause I am sure one day soon...we may be back there!!
So how is that for one big runon paragraph!! And then this morning we were blessed with a chorus from VA who shared in song...after which we shared lunch with them and the youth and sent them on their way with a packed supper. Once again...many hands make light work...we actually were leaving by 1:30 with a clean kitchen behind!! ...and then Friday Ryan leaves us again...this time headed for LA street meetings!...and the next week is summer Bible looks like the trip is still on a roll! Hang on for the ride!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well, back again. I enjoy reading others posts, but thats about all the time I have on the computer. So will see if I can do a bit more today! We've been having a lovely spring. Because of the 'cold' winter that we had and you know they say that the yearly temp average about the same...I was afraid summer would hit with a vengeance...and it still may. far we've been having a lovely spring. Cool nights, and pleasant days. Today after lunch, Ryan, Gwynndon and Kylan went for their first swim party of the summer. So they must think it is warming up!
We are enjoying fresh lettuce, and strawberries. Last Wed I came in with 2- 5 qt pails full, and Andrea wondered if I actually found them all in my garden! I planted radishes again this year, and if I was growing them for the tops...we could have had a lovely crop. But for some reason the ones that did grow bulbs were so piddly look'n that they weren't worth carrying to the house!
Thanks to Ivan last weekend he got the boys to help hill the potatoes, then we mulched till we ran out of straw bale. Then next day one was delivered to us, so they are in the 'laid by' stage! Yesterday we got the fence up for the 1/2 row of green beans and cukes to grow on, so need to mulch them next. I will let the bush style green beans grow another week before we need to mulch them. Jane B generously offered that I could plant some Zipper peas in some extra garden room that she had this year. She didn't need to plant to freeze, but does like to eat fresh. I usually wait for them till after I pick the 'English' peas, and dig pototoes. So maybe this year we can get our Z peas finished before school starts!! I seems I finally am feeling the cruch of a lot of 'eaters'! I think the beans, corn and Zipper peas will last till the fresh comes, but won't have extra to start from! Not sure if the pickles will last or not! Delvin is a big veggie eater...and that is good, except when it comes to putting them up!!
This week felt like another big party. Wed night our small group and one other one met at our ball diamond for an evening together, and finished up with supper after dark. We must have had some big appetites or something. There were about 43 people, so 3 of us were bringing sand wiches. I got out 24 hotdogs, one brought 32 ham/egg salad sandwiches, and the other had 2 big trays of sub type rolls...they all got wipped out, plus I went in and got more hotdogs out of the freezer! I overheard a comment that they didn't think they ever saw a pot luck get quite so wipped out before!
Fri morning was fields day at school till noon. Then Maurita invited the girls from her room at school for overnight. We thought they might enjoy helping to make doughnuts, but wasn't sure that would keep them all busy, so Geneva mixed up 2 batches of cookies too! This Mom doesn't do well with chaos around her, but Geneva thought she could oversee things, Andrea helped with the cookie part. So I, feeling a bit guilty, escaped to the shop after everything was mixed up! They got them all done, and the floor needed a good scrubbing later, but not too much other damage was done! Then we had hamburgers over the fire for supper. I told Geneva we might need some baked macaroni and cheese to go with, but she said she didn't think they needed any more starch after all the cookies and doughnuts they had sampled! We did have mountain pies for dessert. Sat morning I took them home, then went on to Aiken to do some shopping. Quinten and Thorton went with Maurita and I. Soon after we got to Aiken Quinten wondered what we were having for lunch...he thought he would like a mt pie! We laughed at him!
The school countdown is on....2 more weeks!
This morning our Sunday School lesson was on Waiting on the Lord. Are we truly waiting...but yet keeping busy...but not running ahead...while we wait!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon musings.........

Well, this sure is a quiet Sunday afternoon. Maurita went to Laurita's house today, the boys are out in the cabin, and everyone else is either sleeping, or supposed to be sleeping!
This morning Wendell preached a good sermon on separation...there are basically 2 choices, we are either serving God, or Satan. Are the choices we make today pitching our tent toward 'Sodom', or closer to God. What forms of entertainment do we hanker for, what music do we listen too, which direction are we going?
We are very much delighted with the fact that Geneva comes home tomorrow! Several times this week, one or other of the little boys would ask...when is Geneva coming home! But in the meanwhile tomorrow morning I get to escort some of the high school to a library in Columbia where they will do research for a term paper. When Mr Heatwole first sent the plea home for a driver, he said that maybe someone would like to browse a larger library. Apparently that didn't get any takers...cause later on, he came to me and wondered if I didn't need some shopping time in Columbia. I'm like, ok, whatever, and Ivan pipes up and said, yeah, then I won't have to take her! Of all the nerve! Then Mr H. went on to explain that they needed a chauffeur, and that I could choose someone to go with me, and we could shop for about 4 hours while the students were at the library...I wouldn't have chosen the day to be a Monday, and surely not this one...but will try to help them out! Since it is also Geneva's birthday, we want to have a special meal for supper...she ordered grilled chicken, thats been marinating 3 days!! Sorry about the 3 day part, but we will try for the chicken!
I think spring has finally 'sprung' in SC. Yesterday Maurita went thru the house opening all the windows. It felt really good, until I heard the heater kick on, and I am like whatever. When checking the thermometer, it was 66* in the house! Now in the winter, we would have thought we were 1/2 frozen! Thurs there was a nice rain, normally on laundry day, I would have been a bit dismayed, but it was such a nice warm gentle rain...and I had been thinking maybe I should water the garden...God took care of that job in a much better way than I could have. I even took a walk by the the rain...and rejoiced to see nice green sprouts poking their heads thru the soil.
Yesterday I did get into a 'spring cleaning' mood, and cleaned a few drawers in the bathroom that had gone WAY too long! I always think of what someone shared after Esther Schlabach ?? succombed to cancer...that they needed to go thru her things, the hair still in the brush... I usually like to keep it cleaned out of my brush, but found quite a bit in the one drawer!! Not sure if it was mine or Ivans, either needed cleaned!!
Gwynndon just came in and said that spring hasn't sprung today, that it is chilly out again!
Yesterday Ivan and I went to Aiken and did some shopping. This morning, Andrea wondered what I was going to shop for tomorrow now!! Well............that could be a problem, but not really!
Ryan is pleased with the fact that his picnic tables seem to be selling. He says if he sells twice as many as he has at this point, his lumber will be paid for...then if no more sell, he will be back where he started with a lot of lumber to play with!
Andrea has been working at her graduation dress. I mentioned to one of the ladies at church that she had it cut out...her comment was already? But she has a family of boys...and when I said well, she needs to get grad pictures taken, she did back down, and say, oh, yeah. She is also on the yearbook staff, and works on that in 'spare' time...also working on her grad speech...keeps her out of trouble...I suppose!
Last week was the end of the 3rd quarter at school. It seems to go way to fast...but hope that we can keep our priorities straight, and shine for Jesus each day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, Well, I can't believe that I am actually doing this! I don't know how long or how much I might get accomplished. I do enjoy reading y'alls updates tho', so will give it a whirl.
We had a nice relaxing vacation, and tho' part of me longs to return to schedule, another parts could wish to just continue relaxing! Although, don't know if relaxing is the right term, as we did accomplish a lot in the last week.
Mom and Jean came on Christmas day, and were headquartered here. My neice Lisa was their escort on the drive to SC. Aletha and her children along with a married daughter, Aaron and Yvonne arrived Sat evening for supper. The children overnighted here with Aletha and Aaron's finding lodging elsewhere. Were we ever grateful for the cabin! Kylan bunked out there along with the rest of the guys. The little boys found beds in the living room. Mom and Jean had the girls room upstairs, and the girls got the little boys room. Geneva had 2 girls in her room too. Sun we spent the day after church at Dannys house. They have a nice large house for the occasion!
Mon they all left, except for Mom and Jean, who stayed till Fri when Eric escorted them back to PA. Mon I also worked till I got Gwynndons quilt (from Grandma S.) in the frame. Its spites me that I neglected to get a picture of his Grandma Hege quilting on it...she did help a lot.
Fri found us washing up sheets and putting the single bed back in the boys room etc. Sometime Maurita reminded me that IT WAS a holiday, but I reminded her that we had been having a holiday all week, and when the company left, we needed to do what needed done. We did sleep in and some didn't eat breakfast till 10, so when the boys come in about 12:30 wondering when lunch was...well... I ended up doing laundry about all day, till we did several load of sheets, and some covers. Geneva and Andrea left about 4 with some girls to go to Hepzibah for an IGO presentation. Maurita needed some new coverings, so I made 2 of those for her, and did some quilting too before the day was finished!
And today is a lovely sunny day, but COLD! This morning they said we had 20*, but at church some reported 15*! This morning the preschool SS verse was I was blind, but now I see. I am so glad that Jesus gives us 'sight', even though I don't always enjoy the process to getting there...He put mud on the blind mans eyes, not really something I enjoy getting in my eyes! This year may we all see with God's eyesight the needs of those around us!