Sunday, August 19, 2012


I did not just post that last post as one BIG long paragraph...don't know what happened! :-)

A Jinx water faucet?

It all began several months ago...maybe even a year. The faucet in our bathtub started a slow drip. Ok, I said something to Ivan, and he is like well probably something somewhere is getting bad? Ok, well, I didn't understand, but hoped that he did. Over the course of time, the drip became more insistant, and finally turned into a steady drip. I asked Ivan again, and this time I became aware that it wasn't a simple fix, but that the faucet would probably need to be replaced. Inwardly I groaned, knowing that meant a complete dismantling of the boot room closet, complete with taking the shelves off the wall! So it was easy to try to forget about the faucet, except when going into the bathroom...and then it was no longer a steady drip, but became even more insistant and turned into a steady drizzle. By this time, the steadiness of summer was slacking off a bit, so one day my question to Ivan was if I empty the closet, would he have time to look at it this evening? Now it was his turn to groan! I assured him that I felt the same way, but you know it was hot water that was drizzling down the drain...and it was getting harder to ignore! So after the men cleared out for the morning, I went to the closet. It really wasn't that hard of a job, cause believe it or not, it is one of the closets that had managed to get a bit of order to the chaos, and had things catagorized in boxes! After I got the shelves down, I realized there was a bit of a snag to my smugness in getting the job done so quickly! The last person who put the closet back together had actually put some finishing nails in the paneling...and that person wasn't even close enough to fuss at...he was in Indiana! The memory came floating back, he was blissfully putting things together, and I went in, and am like, oh yeah, you are NOT to nail the paneling fast, cause the shelves hold it in place. He looked at me with a grin, and is like, well, its too late now...there were about 5 nails in place... Coming back to the present...I went to the shop to look for something that might help. Coming back to the house with pry bars, etc in tow...well, I just couldn't make them work. I finally texted Ivan to admit that I hit a snag, he came to the rescue, and helped get the paneling down. That was the only thing left between us and the culprit, the leaky faucet. So he was able to look the situation over, got what he needed on a 'town run', and that evening was able to fix the problem...or so we thought!! Well, this faucet seems to have a mind of its own. When you are running water into the tub, the shower head enjoys leaking...sometimes dripping out of 3 or 4 holes, sometimes out of half of them!! This can be very disturbing, when you unsuspectingly go to turn off the water, and get blasted on the hair!! Oh, well, at least it isn't running dollar bills down the drain all day we are learning to live with this one!! On a different note, yesterday there was a young peoples meeting at Barnwell Church on being aware of what all is involved in a nonresistant lifestyle. I listened in on the afternoon session via phone line, and was able to catch part of it at least. Last evening Marcus Yoder gave a presentation of the CPS (Civilian Public Service) program that was intact thru the 40's. History lover that I am, I really enjoyed hearing what he had to offer, and was amazed at the amount of info he had packed into that hour!! Jesse Halteman came home with Gwynndon for the night. Lyndell had been planning to come too, but had to work, but he ended up coming for today. He and Ryan are budding friends!! And Fri was a strange kind of a day. Geneva and I canned 21 qt of pears,about 10 Andrea called and said the uhaul guy called and said we could go pick up some trucks in Walterboro if we wanted. Well, I really didn't wanna...but he said we could get 3. So with Andrea as the chauffeur, and with a packed lunch, we left about 11:30, with Ivan agreeing to go in the house in 10 min to get the last batch of pears from the canner! Guess we made quite a specticle...the guy who was bringing the trucks up for us to take, kept asking if we were taking them now or what, guess he thought we had a LOT to move! A 26 ft, a 17ft and a 10 fter!! And when we got home one of Geneva and Andreas friends were here to go swimming, plus we still needed to do the Fri cleaning! Such is life at our house!!