Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon musings.........

Well, this sure is a quiet Sunday afternoon. Maurita went to Laurita's house today, the boys are out in the cabin, and everyone else is either sleeping, or supposed to be sleeping!
This morning Wendell preached a good sermon on separation...there are basically 2 choices, we are either serving God, or Satan. Are the choices we make today pitching our tent toward 'Sodom', or closer to God. What forms of entertainment do we hanker for, what music do we listen too, which direction are we going?
We are very much delighted with the fact that Geneva comes home tomorrow! Several times this week, one or other of the little boys would ask...when is Geneva coming home! But in the meanwhile tomorrow morning I get to escort some of the high school to a library in Columbia where they will do research for a term paper. When Mr Heatwole first sent the plea home for a driver, he said that maybe someone would like to browse a larger library. Apparently that didn't get any takers...cause later on, he came to me and wondered if I didn't need some shopping time in Columbia. I'm like, ok, whatever, and Ivan pipes up and said, yeah, then I won't have to take her! Of all the nerve! Then Mr H. went on to explain that they needed a chauffeur, and that I could choose someone to go with me, and we could shop for about 4 hours while the students were at the library...I wouldn't have chosen the day to be a Monday, and surely not this one...but will try to help them out! Since it is also Geneva's birthday, we want to have a special meal for supper...she ordered grilled chicken, thats been marinating 3 days!! Sorry about the 3 day part, but we will try for the chicken!
I think spring has finally 'sprung' in SC. Yesterday Maurita went thru the house opening all the windows. It felt really good, until I heard the heater kick on, and I am like whatever. When checking the thermometer, it was 66* in the house! Now in the winter, we would have thought we were 1/2 frozen! Thurs there was a nice rain, normally on laundry day, I would have been a bit dismayed, but it was such a nice warm gentle rain...and I had been thinking maybe I should water the garden...God took care of that job in a much better way than I could have. I even took a walk by the the rain...and rejoiced to see nice green sprouts poking their heads thru the soil.
Yesterday I did get into a 'spring cleaning' mood, and cleaned a few drawers in the bathroom that had gone WAY too long! I always think of what someone shared after Esther Schlabach ?? succombed to cancer...that they needed to go thru her things, the hair still in the brush... I usually like to keep it cleaned out of my brush, but found quite a bit in the one drawer!! Not sure if it was mine or Ivans, either needed cleaned!!
Gwynndon just came in and said that spring hasn't sprung today, that it is chilly out again!
Yesterday Ivan and I went to Aiken and did some shopping. This morning, Andrea wondered what I was going to shop for tomorrow now!! Well............that could be a problem, but not really!
Ryan is pleased with the fact that his picnic tables seem to be selling. He says if he sells twice as many as he has at this point, his lumber will be paid for...then if no more sell, he will be back where he started with a lot of lumber to play with!
Andrea has been working at her graduation dress. I mentioned to one of the ladies at church that she had it cut out...her comment was already? But she has a family of boys...and when I said well, she needs to get grad pictures taken, she did back down, and say, oh, yeah. She is also on the yearbook staff, and works on that in 'spare' time...also working on her grad speech...keeps her out of trouble...I suppose!
Last week was the end of the 3rd quarter at school. It seems to go way to fast...but hope that we can keep our priorities straight, and shine for Jesus each day!