Saturday, April 16, 2011

All In a Days Work!!

Well, yesterday started out like so many other Friday mornings. I did 3 load of laundry and hung most of it out on the line. Washed the kitchen floor...and Thorton came in wanting me to make a 'machete' pouch like Kylan has. Well, I said maybe you should get Andrea to make one, (since she is out at the shop and usually has extra time on her hands) He said I asked her to, but she said she doesn't know how! He even had the jean pant leg that he wanted it made out of! In my mind, I am remembering how when the older boys were young and I had time to stop and make them arrow pouches, knife pouches, etc...and thought well, guess he deserves some 'mom' time too. And you know, it didn't really take all that long, and he was pleased as could be. Lately he has been grumpy about doing his preschool books, cause he don't like to do them. So I threw a bit of a curve ball into the procedure, by telling him that I really didn't 'feel' like doing this, and life is made up of such things, and we need to cheerfully do them anyway! Then when I was done, I told him that since I had done this for him, now he needed to go do some preschool pages for me! Am I a mean mom or what!! He really can do the books with no problem, but since the weather outside is so is just against his 'grain' to sit inside doing books!
Back to my day, I spent 1/2 of the afternoon in the shop working on quarterly taxes and trying to remember if they were due the 15th, or the end of the month! Finally I took the time to look it up and was relieved to see that I had a couple more weeks to come up with the figure!
Back in the house, I decided to quick cut out a dress for myself. Since I had just finished sewing one, I was pretty confident on where I needed to cut, so it went surprisingly fast. And when I was getting ready to leave for my Fri afternoon trip to town, I became aware of the container of mashed banana sitting on the counter. That morning Kylan had seen it in the freezer and said that I should make a banana cake again...and I told him to get it out to thaw, that I would make one. So I quick mixed that up, and Maurita was here to watch it bake!! I really doubt she spent too much time watching it...but she was here to get it out!
So, I went to town...the bank, grocery store, (Piggly Wiggly don't have too much to offer by way of cheap groceries, but they do have sales sometimes that are affordable!), Dollar General where I got to catch up with Sharon B, and another lady from town that we have had contact with, and made a stop by the library to pick up some items that were on hold.
Back home, I unloaded the sodas and Gatorade at the shop, and picked up Gwynndon to take him back to school. The high school was making a supper to sell to provide some of the funds for their class trip to FL this year coming in a couple weeks. The trip to school was 2-fold, since Gwynndon doesn't have his nite driving license, he can't drive after 8, so needed to get a ride home with someone else, and I picked up 8 boxes of carry out for our supper here at home. I also dropped off 2 boxes on the way home for a customer that had ordered. That was a really strange feeling, going into someones drive who wasn't home, and put their meals in the fridge in their garage!
Back home, we ate supper, and had plenty. Ivan wasn't eating suppers this week, but there was a whole box left over when the rest of us were full, so I took it out to the shop and spent some time there while he ate. After I was back in the house, Quinten came in with a big handful of strawberries, so big he held them against his chest so they wouldn't fall, and said 'Mama, you should pick your strawberries, there are lots of red ones out there'. Inwardly I groaned, cause, they weren't to be picked till today, and the biggest one on top was pretty white!! So, I took time to explain that I was glad he was trying to be helpful, but I really would like it if he would let me help do the picking next time, cause these looked a bit on the too white side!!
Maurita had told me when I was cutting the dress for me, that I could cut one for her too, so after supper I told her to bring her material, and was trying to figure it out, when Quinten came in and said that Ryan wanted me in the garden. I had seen that he had got out the wire for the bean/cuke fence before supper, and it works real well for about 5 people to carry it in and hold it while they are fastening it. I had about 2-3 of them tell me that the beans were hardly big enough yet, but I told them till next week, I am sure they would be to the stage where it feels like everyone is just tramping all over them, and I am on edge the whole time, sure the bean plants will be history!
Then I saw some nut grass that needed hoed out, so told one of the boys to go get the hoe for me...and then I ended up hoeing about 3-4 rows till it got dark. I came to the house to clean up, and discovered the material out on the yes, I had everything figured out, so went ahead and cut it!! And while I was cutting Gwynndon called and wanted to know how much left over rice and hash I needed. Then later he wondered if we could use 20 gal of tea!...and if it would be ok to leave it there to get in the morning. I am like, I am not going over to school in the morning for tea, its not really that precious! I knew the ride home he had there was a pickup involved, so they put the garbage can of left over tea on the back, and I filled a 5 gal jug, 2 2gal jugs and 2 gal pitchers in the fridge. There is still some in the garbage can on the back porch, and the boys were having fun going and dipping the tea out of it all day...soon, I think, we will dump the rest and clean up the GC!!
And was really a days work...thankfully they aren't all like this one...some may even be worse! LOL!!