Sunday, January 29, 2012

I took another rambling walk...

These are some picts that I found yesterday morning. Ivan was the one who wasn't to be found. I did know where he was tho'...and I hoped to get a pict of his load before he left, but didn't make it. He informed me Thurs that he had 4 gardens to till on Sat. I asked if mine was one of them...but since the farmer didn't bring the manure yet...mine wasn't in the plan!! :-)

Found Ryan and Thorton out by the sawmill. I think that big log grew in a unique pattern. It actually looks twisted on the outside, didn't see what the boards look like when they are cut!

This pile of logs is waiting for Ivan to find time to cut them up. It arrived as semi load of highline poles that we held our breath while it managed to back down along the bank, and get back into the sawmill. Ivan fessed up later that he wished he would never have suggested it, cause the front tires of the semi were right on top of the bank...had it given way!! Well, we are glad it didn't.

Ambling out to the shop, I found some boys industriously doing Sat morning jobs!

I found Quinten 'working' on his 'shack' in the woods... one blessing of the sawmill, the boys have more than enough 'scrap' lumber at their disposal to use to their hearts content!!

Besides taking pictures, this is what I had to show for myself!

Back in the house, Andrea was trying to find a dessert to make for today...

The covered pan in front of her has small broccoli plants coming. I did uncover it and take another picture, but Andrea didn't 'pose' very well...

And this concludes the next episode in Sat morning at Ivans!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sat morning business...

This morning I went out to the shop...knowing that Ivan finally received his 'Christmas' automatic garage door opener for the door where he now keeps his truck. A few years back, he had got another one for the same reason...I think he secretly keeps moving his trucks parking know eventually then all the doors will have openers!! LOL!!
Anyway, I found all kinds of things going on, so decided to do pictures of Sat mornings activities!! I couldn't find Ryan tho'...

I like this one...looks like Ivan and Gwynndon are sharing some private joke!

And the story behind this next picture is a project that started about a year ago. Carl H asked Ivan about building a trash trailer for at school. They needed to do something, and he thought that might fit the bill. Well in the meantime before it was finished, someone else lined up and paid for a dumpster to be behind the school. Carl called Ivan and said could he please not build it...well, when you are in the middle of a project, you can't really just quit, so Ivan had Gwynndon continue to build it. Carl came back later and said to Ivan, 'you know I think maybe they might can use it at Heritage Bible School'. Well, that was a dead end street too, they had just taken the one they had there to Billy Stoll and had them completely redo it. So in the meantime, Gwynndon kept plugging away at this trailer. Last week one day it was finally finished enough to paint, and then they sat it along the road one day this week. I saw it out there and cringed thinking of 'that dead horse' and whoever was going to come along and buy it! 'Oh ye of little faith'! About Thurs afternoon Kylan made a comment about his Daddy having sold the trailer, but something about a door being put into the gate. I inquired to Ivan and here Wendell H stopped in and it was exactly what he and Gordan had been talking about they needed to haul calves between their properties, but it needed a door. So when I got to the shop this morning, Gwynndon was actually working at the 'door', so decided to add a pict of this one too.
...and in the house...

...and I was going to take a pict to show that Andrea was doing double duty...and this is the thanks I got!!

But when I told her what I was up too...she did cooperate a bit nicer!!

Andrea was making some snide comments about Geneva just being lazy, but she had actually got up fairly early this morning, got her cleaning done and was sewing. She had taken a break from that to get some signs finished up! And Me, I guess I was flitting from here to there... hanging up laundry, then took it down again, taking pictures, and I need to go see if I can finish up the jacket that I started for Andrea!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trouble on this side of the tracks!!

Dannys made a quick trip to PA the beginning of the week and brought Mom and Jean back with them. Fri evening we enjoyed our 'holiday family gathering' at Dannys, hosted by their 5 married children. The supper was delicious, the big thing was the 'whole pig' that we all got to enjoy choice morsels from!
Today we were planning to gather at our house, just Dannys, Garys and us with the children that live at home yet. Well, last night late Kylan made a visit to our bedroom and said his stomach did not feel well, but he couldn't upchuck. I am like well, great, go to bed! I had him take some tums and got him some peppermint gum, which sometimes can have a calming effect. I didn't hear more out of him till about 6, when he said he feels like he needs to throw up, but nothing will come! I am like well please be glad it won't come! I am a sympathizing Mom, can't you tell!
Well, in the meantime, I lost count how many times, but Delvin kept making periodic trips to my bed giving me updates on his progress. Guess he thought if he couldn't sleep, that I shouldn't be allowed to either!! So this morning I was laying there wondering how early I dare call Cheryl to inform her of the night happenings at our house, when the phone rings about 7...and the caller ID said Gary Hege! She wondered how things were at our house, and I told her that I was wondering how early I dare call her, and she said so you didn't get any sleep last night either! Here, her children were taking turns dropping last night too...except it swept thru all 6 of them! So she wondered if she could send her potatoes that she was planning to bring with Ryan, who was there milking!
So...I called Benita to inform her of the trouble on this side of the tracks...and she said they would talk it over and let me know. In a bit she called back and said maybe they would just stay at home. We talked about the food a bit, she had just finished covering a big dish of 7 layer salad!! So we were going to trade salad for potatoes and dessert. It wasn't long and she called back, and wondered if I was the one who would be staying home from church. (I haven't been there since Christmas Sunday, BTW!) I assured her that I would be, cause Ivan had to teach, and she wondered if I needed another 'victim'! Here Jean wasn't fairing very well herself! In talking then, Danny said that they had been exposed, so they might as well come for lunch anyway.
In the meanwhile, after Maurita had heard the details of the night, she discovered that was why her stomach was doing some fluttering around...Ryan came home from the barn and went straight to bed...he wasn't feeling very up to power either! Thorton is taking his turn this afternoon! I lost track of how many times he has come and told me that his stomach hurts, in a whinny tone! I finally told him that I think I knew that, cause he told me before!!
So..we had 'company' and there were a total of 11 at the table! It was fun to have just a small 'table full' for a change, and also was most interesting in the amount of food that was consumed! I think by that time we were all wondering who the next victim might be, and took portions accordingly!! So, not sure what 'bug' was making his way around Friday night, but he did his job well, and was very potent!
...just maybe one of these times I might get to attend church again! :-)!