Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, well, where do I start...May has been a busy month. There were plenty of milestones reached in our family. Gwynndon, our 4 child, made it all the way thru 12 grades of school and he along with 4 classmates received their diplomas the evening of May 20. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of this event on my camera!! We also got to learn to know Ryan's special friend, Kendra Horst from IN this same weekend. She flew in on Fri. Ryan wanted us to have his birthday supper while she was here, so this was the picture that I have of them...
The Tues after graduation, our whole family embarked on a venture west all the way to ID. We had purchased tickets two whole month in advance to get the best deal, etc. Getting them thru Travelocity we had to get 2 batches to get us all accomadated...and somehow, I managed to get 2 tickets for Gwynndon, and none for Quinten, but didn't realize this till a couple weeks later when I went online to choose our seats. After doing some calling and being assured by a Delta worker that the airline agent at the airport would be able to help us the morning of the flight, we left the house about 3 that Tues morning. When we went to check in at Augusta GA...low and behold there was one ticket cancelled, so my worst nightmare was true, we didn't have a ticket for Quinten at all! With one hour to fly and split decisions to be made, we had to call Delta, they were unable to get him on the same flight, and the soonest he could fly was noon. Well, we weren't letting him fly by himself, so got my ticket delayed to coincide with his, and the rest of the family left on the 5:30 flight without us!! We went back out to the van and sleep some more, then went and found a McDonalds, ate a leisurely breakfast, and back to the airport. About 10 we went in so we could get our seats chosen, etc, and flew out at noon. We had plenty of time during layovers, 3 hours in Atlanta, and 3 1/2 in Minneapolis, so I decided this was going to be a learning experience for Quinten along the way. The gate where we waited in Atlanta was right out at the end of the concourse, so he was able to watch planes coming and going, almost every 3-5 seconds!! We also got to see what all the workers do when a plane lands and refills for takeoff. When asked the next day about his day, he replied without hesitation that it was fun! Well we finally got to Spokane, Wa, 10 1/2 hours after the rest of the family. Poor Ivan ended up driving about 500 mile and flying 2700 all in 26 hours! We were ready for bed! Ivans Mom and Dad are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this summer, and this was a gathering of all the siblings in honor of this occasion. We were happy that all 9 of the children could be together for this occasion. A special thanks to all the ones who live in ID that did all the background work to pull this together!!
The weather felt chilly to us southerners, and it was kinda awkward to make breakfast wearing your winter coats, but we had an enjoyable time, and made lots of good memories, even though various ones of us we afflicted at different times with the flu bug!! And as all good things must, this too came to an end. It was back home to canning green beans and digging potatoes! Thanks to my sis-in-laws here who picked and canned the first 2 picking of beans for us. I had planted them 2 weeks late, hoping they would hold off till we got back, but things were early this This morning was the first service at the new church. We enjoyed a good service, and the weather was lovely enough for us to enjoy a fellowship meal outside. Some of you were enquiring where the dividing line was, so I will list the ones who are attending at Edisto Menn. Mark Hochstetler, Gordan Amstutz, Carl Heatwoles, Sharon and son Thomas Brubaker, Aden Diems, Delmar Diems, Darren Diems, Leon Duecks, Joshua Heatwoles, Eric Heges, Andy Korvers, Lloyd Oberholtzers, Joel Ockers, Conrad Stovers, Duane Stovers, and us. So this is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives!! :-)