Monday, June 14, 2010

Did I mention...that it is HOT!!

...Oh yeah...this afternoon on the way to deliver Ryan's "Jimmy" to Delmars...the bank themometer registered at 106*!! We've been having rather lovely weather up until now...and guess that I have been a prophet of doom...but mentioned the fact that a yearly temp usually averages out...and I was afraid that we would pay for the nice weather. Sure hit!!

But other wise we have been eating like kings! Fresh garden veggies are so delicious. Green beans, cukes, squash, still getting some broccoli, cabbage, fresh potatoes, and yes, we have had 2 meals of corn on the cob! Thorton has never got into that idea yet, and Sat when we started chomping, I noticed he had this funny look on his face, like you mean that I really need to do this! He never did eat it Sat, Ivan ended up cutting his off. Well this morning he was saying something about not liking it with butter and salt on, so at lunch time today I decided to try something, and gave him just a plain old ear. And he ate it!! Can't imagine eating it with out the drippy butter and salt...but maybe I should try it...just might be good! :-)

The beans are frittering out, but I have been diligently picking all 4 rows...for what...we did can another 7 qt today, and every little bit seems to help. They are reblooming, so I am really glad about that, cause wasn't quite sure that I should be done! Oh for the days...when 50 pt was enough!! Seems like we've been canning beans for next to forever! Then we also had cukes sticking out our ears today I did 2 batches of kosher dill and started a batch of 7-day. I didn't use to make so many of them, but my husband found out that they are good for what ailes you... so I will diligently make them for him! Our potatoes are starting to die while we were out this morning before it got too hot ( what a joke, as it was hot when I went out at 8!)...but anyway we dug the first 3 rows of the garden seems to be winding down just a bit! Oh, and how did I forget...we are starting to get a few tomatoes also! So the question is not what veggie are we having for dinner, but which one will wait till next time! HA!

The other day one of our customers dropped off some watermelon and cantalope , so we have been taking turns on them for dessert. Actually I didn't say that right...I knew he was coming to the shop, and called and wondered if I could get some, and he offered to have them dropped off here, then wouldn't even let us pay for them!

Yes, as I alluded to the fact in the first line...Ryan is coming home tonight...his plane lands in Charleston at 11 PM. Darlene Diem also went for the street meetings, and as we had delivered them to the airport, Delmars are planning to go pick them up this evening. Ryan thought it would save them a few miles if his jimmy was up there. Andrea has been hankering on shopping at 'Roses', and when Geneva heard we were going wanted to go too. I also went to Piggly Wiggly to get a few staples to go with our veggies! So its been quite a day...I have a dress on the go... Maurita would like for it to be finished...and I thought about working on it after supper, but haven't got there yet. The only strenuous thing I did was to go pick up the potatoes from the yard where they were drying. The 3 youth at home, went to chorus practice.

Yesterday we got an invite to Wendell Heatwoles for lunch, and we had a very lovely time! Don't know why we don't do it more often...oh yeah...guess we gotta get the invite first! Ha!