Monday, July 25, 2011

What is Charity?

It is Silence-
When your words would hurt...
It is Patience-
When your neighbors curt...
It is Deafness-
When a scandal flows...
It is Thoughtfulness-
For others woes...
It is Promptness-
When a duty calls...
It is Courage-
When misfortune falls...

Ivan found this the other day...and we really like it...Geneva is going to make a sign!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hey...I did it!!

I think I got it figured to change this thing. . . (smiley face inserted here...this font don't do smiles!!) Ivan is headed for gotta run!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A relaxing Sunday...

We enjoyed being at church this morning with most of our church family back again. Last week a good 1/2 was missing...we enjoyed being a small group with a fellowship meal in the back of the church, but we enjoyed having them all back again. The reason so many were gone...there was a wedding in PA and one in WI that claimed many of them, and some were just off visiting family! This morning Mark preached a very good sermon on 'Liberty in Christ' It is not liberty to do what 'we' want to do...we have a responsibly to show 'love' to our brothers and sisters...was the basic theme of it.

And tonight the Ivan and the older children are playing the farming game! I just heard a comment that whoever has $150,000. worth of stuff wins...and I think I have that much! I was reading Lisls friend Rachels blog. She writes so interesting and I have enjoyed keeping up with her commentary on her 'twin' pregnancy. Geneva is downstairs and the little boys just went outside...hard to tell.

This week we got some rain...lovely rain! I told Lanell on Tues when it rained, I was beginning to feel like she talks about. When it rains, you just stop and enjoy! I was hanging out at the was a bit easier to do that, then when in the house and other things calling!

Why was I in the shop. Geneva and Andrea went to PA and escorted Mom and Jean to WI for Joel Butikofer and Natalie Goods wedding. Mom as a Great Aunt felt honored to get an invite...and it worked out for them to go. I was a bit anxious about the journey, cause just before they came here the end of May, Mom had fallen again, and hurt her one wrist. Then while here, she fell again at Dannys...but things went real well for them, and they all seemed to enjoy the journey! Andrea was grumping about it not being long enough...and I told her that she needed to be thankful for the time that she had. She told me that she was, but that it wasn't long enough. I informed her that was the story of my get used to it and hang on for the ride! LOL! I also told her that I was thinking one evening while I was in the garden, that MAYBE I should have been the one who should have gone and got to renew auld acquaintances with my cousins who I haven't seen in FOREVER!!! (I was trying to be dramatic, like teenagers can be!!)

Things have thankfully left up a bit gardening wise...but now with Ryan gone...Ivan feels the pressure. It hasn't been too bad, and he takes time out in the evenings to work with the sawmill. That seems to relieve some of the pressures that the stresses of the day can accumulate! Last Sat he got all his 'logs' cut up, but by this Sat another pile has accumulated. Back to the garden, we are down to tomatoes and zipper peas, okra (these are all very low maintenance compared to some of the veggies we had coming in earlier) and I can't believe it...we are still getting side shoots of broccoli! Not great amounts, but eating fresh, and even freezing a bit on the side. And I haven't had to dust it once this year. The 2nd picking I saw about 2-3 worms, and no more not sure what took them away.

The other evening I went with Ivan to pick up the last 3 logs over by Garys. On the way home I was able to catch the sunset...but missed the prettiest part. Its amazing how it can hide behind the trees, and when you finally get to a spot you can see it...and its already slipped too far down to be pretty. Oh yeah, the night before the children and I had gone to pick blueberries. Gwynndon was driving, and we clear took a bunny trail...hoping to get a good picture...and it eluded us!!

PS...If y'all think about it pray for Daryl Brubaker...his struggle with cancer seems to be a loosing battle...he didn't make it to church this morning. Our prayer for him and Sharon are that God will give them the strength they need for each day. And Enos Heatwole isn't well. He had struggles with digestion and they traced it to a 'bile' obstruction. In May he had an operation for that, and now can eat again, but has problems with fluid buildup. He has lost his robust strength. The 2nd Sun in June we had baptism, and his oldest gr grandson was one of the ones to be baptized. It brought tears to my eyes when he made his way up the aisle to greet him as a brother in the church!!