Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, since I can't seem to get my comments to go thru...I will do like Amy, and try to do some comments here!! By the way Amy...I DO get tired too...and may do one later on if I have more time on my humanity!! And maybe that is why I don't have time to beatify my home and get pictures on here...I so enjoy y'alls 'like Geneva termed it...Better Homes and Garden' houses! Right now it seems we are raising boys instead!! (The reason I said boys is because I think my girls are all big enough to appreciate the finer things in life...but the boys aren't yet!)
Arla, I so enjoy your posts, and esp the one I read last evening about watching the waves. That is one of my favorite pastimes that not all in my family enjoy! So I count it a privilege when they put up with Mom and her 'ocean' thing!!
An to Lisl, we have been watching your 'progress' and think of you from time to time these days and are praying that your baby will come in its due time and you will have the patience and strength to hang in there!!
Amy, we hope that you enjoy Norv's to the fullest...and feel blessed that you are on a 'traffic' route...otherwise folks just don't take the time to search you out!! We were disappointed that they didn't take the extra 10 hours to drive here...but know how traveling can we are trying to forgive them!! Oh, yeah, our Bible School theme this past week was on forgiveness...but we were so busy in the craft class, that we didn't get in on the learning part! LOL!
An to the rest of you...its been awhile since I read your blogs, and can't remember the comments that I wanted to make at the time...but we do enjoy hearing!!
And I have been wondering how you all seem to change the backgrounds on your blogs so frequently, where and how do you do it! I've done some messing around...and can't even remember how I came up with what is here now! Well, better run...there is a HUGE basket of jeans to be hung out, and this is the morning that the girls get to sleep in... :-)