Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some high lights from this week...

This week has been a rainy one...Sunday and Monday we had about 4 inch of rain. Then the rest of the week it kept being drizzly, not really raining, but not dry either! The cabin banister worked well for a substitute clothes line, and by Thurs, I was searching for more room too...Thankfully we are enjoying some more sunshine, and the weather is lovely, fact is it was so chilly this morning in our bedroom I shut the window for a bit!

Ok, so Tues we tackled my bedroom...and I got rid of a few piles. I even ventured out a bit and did a partial rearranging! I kinda like the outcome, and Ivan told me Thurs evening that he kinda likes the new look too! Its a bit aggravating tho', when you come out of the bathroom headed for the dresser...and when you get there...oh, thats right...the dresser is back over there! Oh well, this too shall pass!

Wed evening I decided I was in the mood to sew, after 3 people stopped in to get zippers for their sewing projects. So I cut out a dress. Thurs in between laundry, I got it completely sewed...except for the hem. Its still waiting. And guess what, Ivan asked me who I was sewing for and I said myself. He actually told me that he liked the dress without even seeing it on me!

Andrea has been making some cute little pin cushions. I actually saw the idea in a magazine that came floating in from somewhere, and told her that it actually might be an idea for a hostess gift for the upcoming chorus tour they are planning to go on. She also has been crocheting some baby afaghans for a friend at church. That isn't a real big time money-making proposition...but I think she is enjoying it.

And Geneva is getting into signs again...she has about 6 ordered, and is also doing some new fall ones.

This morning Maurita, Quinten and I went yardsaling! (Geneva is the one I can usually count on to go with me...but she had to work today) This is the weekend when they have the '10 mile' yard sale, the road from Barnwell to Olar. So its more fun than trying to hunt all over town, when you don't know where the roads are! We didn't find a whole lot, but a few useful items, and some a bit frivolous! Maurita saw a barn/silo salt and pepper set that said John Deere that she fell in love with. Quinten found one of those M-n-M (or like Ryan called it, the vegetable) dispensers with a pt jar on top, like Uncle Dannys always had. I told the boys they should try to recreate that one to sell.

Well, I was planning to intersperse some pictures in thru here...but for some won't come may have to add them later! worked!