Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, well, where has time gone?!?!  Guess we've been caught up in home life...everyday life with a bit of company sprinkled in, a 'trip' to the ocean in the rain, garden work starting...and then there is church life, the regular, Sun, Wed night services, with a few extras sprinkled in! We at Edisto have a regular service the 2nd Sun evening, and it seems the last while we have had special guests, so then we add a finger food afterwards!  Which we enjoy, but you gotta pick your brain to figure out what to have!  :-)  and on top of that there is chorus practice, with an occasional service at other churches...  And then there is school life...the normal, plus all the end of the year activities, field trips, summer birthday parties, end of the year parties, with the list culminating in the school picnic now we can get on to summer!!  and then there is the normal work load...trying to juggle the house responsibilities with all the other activity, and filling in at the shop when Andrea goes to milk, which is supposed to be Mon, Wed and Fri...unless Leon decides to call and have her fill in additional time.  So last week one evening she came rushing in at 4:15 on her way to milk...she usually leaves at 3:30, so I need to drop what I am doing then and go out to the shop!  Such is life.  And on top of all sister Jean came to SC the beginning of May, first for 3 wks (she had broke her shoulder from a fall)...then for longer, till she can care for herself least put up her hair...and now it seems to be extending at least till mid June!  But that is ok, as she regains use of her arm, her care is diminishing, and she has been helping some with the workload here!...and we have been shuffling her between the 3 of us here in the south!  So if we have something going, then she goes mainly to Danny's, but Gary's have taken turns also! the midst of all this...Ryan announced his engagement planning a wedding in Aug.  I have been asked different times if I was eagerly getting ready for a wedding...well, so far my answer has been, that I need to take care of today, then I will get tomorrow, Randy, the guy who sells Napa parts seems to be puzzled by my reply!!!  And one of these days, we will start to do a bit of sewing, etc...  :-)