Sunday, February 6, 2011


I didn't get my bid in for pecans very early this year...and when I called Wendells, he said they were all out. Well, a couple days later Naomi called and said that she did put 2 additional bags in the freezer, and became aware later that she still had a bag in there...if we didn't want so many, they could share a few. The next day, Don came breezing into the shop wondering if I had change for a 20 dollar bill. He had some fellows picking up pecans and needed some small change to pay them. As he was leaving, I asked if they had more that needed picked up. He didn't think so, but he sure would have left us have the job, if he knew we were interested. Well, about an hour later, Ivan called and said that Don had called and said the ones that picked up the pecans didn't finish their job, and we could come pick the rest if we wanted! So after school from Maurita down went and helped pick up pecans. We got about a peck, which wasn't so much, but I was glad for them. Then they said that there were more in the tree, if we came back in about a week or so we could have what we could find.

That evening Ivan sat down with the 'cracker' and started shelling them. Then Tues, they called and said there were more to pick up, and they were calling for rain. This time, Maurita was under the weather, so was just Kylan, Delvin and Quinten to help me, but they were good help, and we came home with a bushel...yes a bushel of pecans this time. This was way more than I ever anticipated! Ivan hadn't quite got the first ones all cracked, and he is like wow, we will need to get busy! I reminded him that other years, he just cracked, and then I could work at them by spells during the the first night he did a peck. Wed evening he stayed home from church with the sick ones, and did another peck! I told him that I had hoped he would pick out what was already cracked, and not do more!! :) But we worked at them, and by Fri evening most of those were finished...and Fri evening he cracked the last 1/2 now we had lots to do. I worked at them off n on Sat, and then after supper he got a bowl, and we shelled pecans. By 9:30 we were finished, and had 4 1/2 gallon bags ready for the freezer. We also had about 2 qt of small pieces that I kept separate for chopped pecans. We are glad that job is more than I bargained for, maybe next year I won't have to get any!! Grin!