Friday, March 23, 2012

Good intentions...

Last fall I was thinking ahead to winter, and what should I try to accomplish this know all those thoughts that run thru your mind, at my stage in life they were...shall I put in another quilt...should I do pictures...should I sew...?
Well, I decided that it might be fun to just do pictures, you know, nothing major, just get the photo albums updated. Ok, so where shall I set up the operation? ...and then Ivan moved the woodworking shop in the shop to a larger location, and the little boys moved the tool bench that was in the back side of the living room to the shop. Perfect...I will set up a table and get my photo albums caught up. Now, I'm not talking hours of know just cutting up pictures and put on pages with hand written notations under them...I mean how much simpler can it get!
Well, time keeps chuggin on, and when Andrea was getting ready to go to Bible School, I made the comment to her, you know I was going to update photo albums this winter, and I was starting to see my good intentions go down the drain....and now...well, Andrea is coming home in 2 1/2 weeks, but in 4 weeks her, Geneva, and Ryan all leave for Nicaragua, and in the midst of all that...spring is arriving way to fast...and I feel my 'good intentions' going all the way down the drain!! The pictures are still in the boxes on the shelf. You know I think there must be at least 5 years worth (it would be 6, but the last years aren't developed yet! And poor Thorton don't even ask anymore, 'Where is my book', like he used too when the others would dig theirs out and look at them.
So one of these days...maybe after my girls are all grown and I don't have all the 'help' that others seem to think I have now...maybe, just maybe I might get more acccomplished than 'good intentions'!
By the way, yesterday, I finally updated my bulletin board from all those nice pictures we got about 3 mth ago from our friends and reletives...
Y'all have a nice day! :-) I think maybe I should do some 'spring' sewing instead...LOL!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Sat stroll...

...this one was a little later in the afternoon after I planted some of my broccoli plants in the garden and discovered nickel size green strawberry plants hanging on! I was a bit surprised myself! I couldn't resist taking a picture of those and texting to Andrea in MN, but I neglected to get the picture on the 'real' camera later, when I was taking the 'stroll'!
These blooms are poking out beside the front porch my mind a bit too early, but hopefully they will survive!

And these are the normal winter flowers, camellias, that usually bloom well over Genevas birthday!

Maurita was in the basement trying to sew on a slip they are making in Home Ec. They were to try to do some of the work at home. She was getting frustrated with the 'slick' material, but I told her not to despair too desperately, that yes, we wanted straight seams, but after all it was an under garment!! :-)

Ivan and the younger boys were working in the shop putting up tin on the walls that had been the wood working shop. The tin had been in storage so long that it needed washed off!

And this is the 'new' woodworking shop area, hopefully this will accommodate 6 of them better!!

With these vehicles sitting in the shop waiting for repair, is it any wonder the other week when a lady was here to do a uhaul rental, that she wondered if we worked on cars too, or just trucks!! :-)

...and Ryans house is still improving...slowly but surely!

Now a few pictures from before, that I never got put on...

This is how our garden got fertilized this year!! The boys were intrigued by the name on the manure see the red and green is a new idea, a combo of red and green!

And this is the welding class that Ivan is in charge of every Fri afternoon. There are 4 boys, Gwynndon, Bruce Diem, Rylan Dueck and Derrick Miller. After they welded awhile, just to get the feel of it, they are now working on deer stands. Gwynndon and Bruce have welded before, and Derrick is still working on the 'memorial' in the background!!