Sunday, July 15, 2012

june 2012...

Well, well, thought that I would put a glimpse of our life for the last month on here in pictures...for those who care to see!!
When we got home from our journey to ID this little girl came to live with us...I don't like girl dogs...but funny enough, I am the one who named it! Its is Gwynndon's dog, and he was deliberating about a name. One of his friends suggested Jackie, well, I wasn't real impressed with that and one day said, oh just call her Jess...and it stuck!! I think everyone was secretly hoping that Jess could be a replacement for 'Jake', but about a week ago after she spent some time in the shop, one of the children commented to me that Jess really wasn't a 'shop' dog! Her nice white coat was a very splotchy mottled gray!!
This is the flower bed that we had made before we went to ID, and if you notice the puppy Jess had a love affair with the right side for too long! She would dig and get in under the porch. She finally learned to leave it be...but needless to say, it has suffered quite a 'setback'!! And if you look real close in that pet carrier, you will see the nose of yet another pup!! Help, there are 2 more arrived here Fri!! Actually Ryan found and claimed the one on the way home Thurs night...and Delvin found the other one Fri!! We for sure don't need 4 dogs on our homestead...but Ivan and Delvin did make an enclosure under the trampoline for them last they will have room to romp, but not in the flower bed!!
...and this is the wall that Ivan built...we have had problems with our front yard washing everytime it rained for years, so it looked like the bad lands in SD!! Our original plans were to build a wall our from the edge of the shop, which we had got up in May, but then didn't know where to get fill dirt to fit into our 'wallet'. So after sitting there a few weeks, we decided to redo it, back the wall up, and use the dirt we scooped out to fill in! It worked really nice. Ivan was tired of a nasty yard, so instead of sprigging it and letting it fill in with time, and risk being washed some more, he decided to lay it, and have 'instant' yard!
Gary and Cheryl invited us to a party, celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at Lake Warren St Pk community building. They had it nicely set up, and had the foods they had at their wedding. Included were his and her siblings in the south.
We had invited them first to a Sunday evening backyard picnic, and then the children could play ball. They didn't know that it was for their anniversary too, so this was the 2nd party for their anniversary!!
We got Thorton an alligator water shooter for his birthday, that he was more than pleased with!!
Edisto Mennonite Church, the new outreach of Barnwell.
Wouldn't your little guys sleep SO much better on a bed like this!! This is a combined effort of Ryan and Geneva for one of our customers. She ordered it for her step grandson!
This is part of the tomato crop that I am very well pleased with this year...the 1/2 bushel that I picked yesterday are still in the basket sitting on the floor!! much for our life for the last 5-6 weeks or so!!