Sunday, February 17, 2013

my journeying...

Lately I've been journeying thru the book 'Vera's Journey'. I say journeying, because it was due Jan 30...and that was 3 weeks after I checked it out! :-) It takes me awhile to get thru a book, especially one that is this thick! I've been impressed, that her basic journey is much the same as mine, even though hers started over 100 yrs ago! No, I don't have rats in my house, nor have I learned to cook on a cookstove, and carry water to heat for use. I do have the same struggles being weary at the end of a busy day, feeling pulled in many directions, and the desire to see our children grow up to be good Christian men and women! No, I didn't have mumps at 38 that left me deaf with a roaring in my head, but my problems can mount up, and it feels good to be able to 'escape' a bit with my husband to get back on track and be able to handle the stress of the days! No, I am not first a deacons wife, then a ministers wife, but I still have the concern in my heart when I see practices creeping into our midst that look too much like the world around us! And that my grandchildren will still follow Biblical principles and they will have a love for God and not for the 'things of the world'! Some thoughts that I read from the book the other day, and am still pondering...over the time that they were seeing practices creep into their midst that they weren't comfortable with. "We can be a good influence on others if we are careful to do it in God's way. As long as people recognize the world as their enemy, and excess of guidelines is not necessary. I'm afraid that is where the problem lies...that the world is no longer seen as an enemy, but as a friend and something to pattern ourselves after." Now, my we really view 'the world' as our enemy...How do we do that yet be a witness to them? How do we keep ourselves unspotted for Christ, yet live in the world. Who do I really it really God and the principles that He spelled out in His Word, or am I more prone to choose the 'easy' road, the things that may be simpler, and I can hide behind. Am I ashamed to really LIVE for Him? Maybe I 'think' too much, but have seen too many of my parents friends, who's children have taken the easier road...and its sad where they are today...and not only my parents friends, but see the same route being explored by some of our peers and friends... Do we REALLY see the world as our enemy?!?!


  1. Something bothers me about the idea of the "world being our enemy." I think in a sense this may be true--but in a missionary context, I think it's important to remember that the "world" is composed of souls that Jesus loves and we're called to bring them to Jesus. It's not so much about the world, as it is about Jesus, and when we focus on how bad the world is, rather than Jesus, then really, that's wrong too.
    At the same time, I understand the point being brought across--but still say, the answer is Jesus. We can't focus on how bad the world is, and expect the world to change. Or expect our children to stay away from it. The primary focus has to be Jesus, every time.
    But then again, we're to be unspotted from the world...or how does that go...?
    Do I sound like my Mom? I really shouldn't say anything, being only your little niece who probably doesn't know much anyway, and let my mom say it better than I could have anyways. :)
    Anyway...good thinks!

  2. I no what you mean, and one older lady used to say that we need to love the sinner, but hate the sin...I think that is a bit like what I was trying to get across...we have to view the 'sin of the world' satan and all that it stands for as our enemy, but yet we need to love the sinner...and that is the part each of us have to figure out for ourselves. In other words maybe where I was coming from is that we need to rooted in Christ, and not be tempted by the glitzy glamorous things around us and swayed...yeah don't know if I'm making sense or digging deeper... :-) Yes, the answer is Jesus, and living in His word!! If we keep our eyes there...the what the world has to offer will be our enemy...I think!! :-)