Monday, August 26, 2013 the south!!

Ok, yes, I live in the south, and have been here long enough to know that roaches are inevitable critters!  But I thought I had come to terms with them, that even tho' they are inevitable that they don't have to be the 'norm'...when I would see a roach, I knew it was time to replace the roach traps around the house, and then we wouldn't see them again.

Well, that was until the last 2 month!!  I bought new roach traps, and still we saw the roaches I bought more new roach traps, a different kind this time...and still they ran!  In between I had an arasol can of Raid 'Ant and Roach' killer near at hand, and where ever I saw a roach run, I would spray liberally all around that area...and still they ran!

Then I got more desperate, and inquired at the local feed and seed store, the gentlemen there, at least act like they know what they are talking about...and he sold me some concentrate to mix up in a pump sprayer, so I mixed up the solution twice as strong as recommended like he advised, and went to the crawl space, and sprayed in all the cracks and crannies that I could crawl into, then came up and sprayed around the baseboard in the house...and still they ran!!  By now I was getting beyond desperate and reaching the despair state!  :-)  Figuring that I guess we will always have roaches....yet, inwardly crawling at the thought!

Several years ago for one of my birthdays Ivan had got me an under the cabinet cd player which he mounted conveniently there by the sink and it has gotten many hours of usage.  It also has a light on it, which I don't know why we never used, because it would have been most convenient!  But yesterday for some reason when we were getting lunch Mauita chose to turn on the light...and oh gross, there were roaches in the light...on top of the the 1/4 inch of space that you can't see, and went running...and war was declared!  I wasn't in the kitchen at the time, and till I arrived there were rivers of raid running all over!! LOL!!  The cd player was removed and taken out of the house...don't know if we will feel like trying to clean it up or not!!  Anyway, surprisingly when we turned on the kitchen light this morning, no roaches ran...don't know if the fight is over that easy or not, but time will tell!

Like Andrea said, I can tolerate spiders, (and my addition, I can squash potato bugs and tomato worms) but something about roaches and mice...just makes my skin crawl!!!

Now...if only we can find the source of their breeding grounds in the boys cabin!!  That is another story!


  1. Are they two inches long in your country too?

    1. Lisl, some of them are...but these were just the 1 inch kind...and their babies are less then a cm....i found a few in my house the last two days too! ach! please NO!!! i don't have quite the 'love affair' w/ them that mom does...but for real! i have a 'NEW' house!

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