Monday, August 19, 2013

We are right now in the mts of NC following behind a vehicle…much too close…in the rain.  Oh good…that vehicle got over!  Coming home from a weekend in IN where Ryan got married to Kendra Horst.  They had a lovely day for a wedding, sunshine, not too hot or too cold!  We stayed again with Lester and Evelyn Martin, Kendras gr aunt and uncle, who are a wonderful host and hostess, fraid we acted like teenagers coming in about 10:30 every night!!  They are an older couple with 4 empty bedrooms upstairs of which we used 3 of them with Geneva and Andrea staying at friends, and Gwynndon camped out at Ryans house.  Ryans house was kinda nice…I was able to use the fridge and freezer, and left some ‘leftovers’ in their freezer for them to finish!!  J 
We were blessed to have some of our families from both sides there, plus friends.  Thanks to all who made the journey!  We were able to spend a bit of time over lunch with the ‘Hege’ reletives who were there, sorry to miss out on the Skrivseth gathering Sat evening, we ended up being at the reception hall till 9:30 helping to clean up!!!  But were able to go to the cabin Sun afternoon and spend some time with Norvans family!  Then Sun evening we spent with Doug and Sally Wengerd family.  Its amazing how even tho’ you may not see each other for so.o.o…long you can pick right back up!!  The evening was too short!!
So now back to the real world…school starts at 8:30 in the morning…guess we miss out one parent teachers meeting tonight!! 
And some pictures from the weekend...
The happy couple
The bridal party
Andrea and Maurita were at the guest picture and handed out programs.  Then they were to make sure that everyone highlighted a verse in their Bible and got a song sheet for at the reception...
The 4 younger boys got to stack the gifts on this 'cool' wagon!
...and I find it amusing to observe in recent weddings that couples are resurrecting the age old tradition of feeding each other cake, which the couples my age discarded years ago!!  :-)

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